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Slovenian Alpine Cabin
Thermal insulation under extreme conditions

Slovenian Alpine Cabin


The construction of this stunning alpine cabin is a project which stems from an architectural workshop hosted by renowned Slovenian architects Spela Videcnik and Rok Oman, OFIS. 

Withstanding the harsh Slovenian winters

As the Kamnik Alps endures extreme climatic conditions all year round including radical temperature shifts and extreme weather fronts, proper insulation is of the utmost importance. Therefore the workshop participant were challenged to design a cabin in the Kamnik Alps for mountaineers that is able to withstand the harsh Slovenian alpine climate.

Build on a rock

The new cabin was devised by a group of Harvard University students present at the workshop, and is perched on the edge of a rock face, where it is anchored to the ground using metal joints to withstand commonplace snow drifts and strong winds, and is clad in concrete panels for additional structural stability.

A durable solution

The building, which measures 12.5m2, boasts 70m2 of 20cm thick ROCKWOOL Airrock ND insulation, covering the entire structural envelope including the floor, facade and roof, maintaining optimal thermal conditions even in the sub-zero temperatures of the Slovenian winter.

 "The durable solutions provided by ROCKWOOL Adriatic also improve fire safety on site, and help to create a holistically sustainable structure that will hopefully benefit many adventurers to Skuta Mountain for years to come" says Mehdi Ossor, Business Unit Manager, ROCKWOOL East Adriatic.

System Rocktect
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