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The Wilmcote House
Refurbishing a sheltered housing scheme in Portsmouth, UK

The Wilmcote House


Complete refurbishment of social housing  

ROCKWOOL UK plays a significant role in the refurbishment of the sheltered housing scheme, Wilmcote House, in Portsmouth, which dates back from 1968. The  project includes a refurbishment of three connected 11 storey blocks of 107 residential maisonettes and will take place over a two-year period. Completion is expected in January 2017.

The refurbishment is designed to work towards and meet the stringent EnerPHit standards, which is not currently the case. The project scope is a whole building solution which will improve residents' standard of living and reduce fuel costs significantly.

A major energy efficiency upgrade

The refurbishment of the Wilmcote House’s residential blocks will significantly reduce energy costs and consumption and improve the energy efficiency and living conditions within each property. The aim is to lower the demand for heating within the dwellings by 90% and extend the building's life by a minimum of 30 years as a result of the improvements. 

Combined insulation measures for maximum effect

The key to this strategy is deep retrofit and to install multiple insulation measures, including external wall insulation, which will greatly improve the thermal efficiency of the properties and provide a stable and comfortable internal environment for tenants. The REDArt® EWI will ensure excellent thermal performance and exceptional air tightness, thereby diminishing the occurrence of draughts, condensation and mould growth, whilst markedly improving standards of occupant comfort. Other works will include roof replacement, installation of triple glazed windows, extension of the living areas and more efficient heating and hot water provision. The refurbishment will also improve the aesthetic appearance of these prominent blocks and contribute more widely towards the regeneration of the Somerstown area of Portsmouth.

Reduced fuel bill and improved comfort

James Traynor of ECD Architects, who are leading the design of the project, says regarding the solution: 

"Most of the residents are suffering from serious fuel poverty. This insulation will make an appreciable difference to this issue. Significantly reducing heat loss through the thermal envelope by insulating the building wall alongside other works will help the project meet the EnerPHit standards. The project will improve conditions within all properties, making them feel much warmer and substantially reducing fuel bills."

Learn more about the project and meeting the EnerPHit Standard in this video

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